CV 31.12.2012 Šabac, Serbia
Milan Djordjevic, B.Sc.E.E.
Graduate engineer of electrical engineering with an academic title of Specialist in Technical Sciences.
Employed for 23 years, out of that 5 years - billing systems development and implementation, 10 years - waterworks (waterworks development, commisioning, consulting, computer system administration, water meter reading and billing system designing), 1 year - high school (high school teacher: electronics, computer systems, measurement technique), 1 year - sofware designing engineer, 5 year - industry (maintenance of industrial processing lines, software design). 
Fair uderstanding of written and spoken English.
Computer: user skills: MSOffice, administrator skills: Windows, programer skills: VBA and MSAccess, OVAL, C.

Born on February 8, 1963 in Šabac. Living in Šabac. Married with  Ljiljana, graduate civil engineer. Three daughters: Milijana 1998, Marija 2000, Milica 2001.


2009-now     YU OmniData  Sabac, RS
System Engineer
meter reading and billing system

1997-2009                                         Sabac Water Works  Sabac, RS
System Engineer
water meter reading and billing system: analyzing, planning, consulting, staff training
System Administrator
Computer system: planning, consulting, commisioning, designing, NT administration, tehnical support, hardware and software maintenance
Development Service Engineer
SCADA systems and PLCs: consulting, commisioning, supervising
Water meters and loggers: consulting, design supporting, planning
Internal leased line network: consulting, commisioning, supervising, documenting
Internal radio system: consulting, supervising
1996-1997       Tehnical high school  Sabac, RS
High school teacher
electronics, measurement technicque, computer systems
1995-1996      TUF-Co computers  Sabac, RS
Software Designing Engineer
Sofware designing, testing, implementing
1990-1995  SARTID 1913  Sabac, RS
Sofware & Hardware Department Manager
Department forming, staff selecting and training
Production Data Acquisition Software: consulting, planning, designing, programming, implementing, staff training
Technical Service Engineer
Industrial processing lines maintenance: AC drives, DC drives
1983-1990 Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad University in Novi Sad, RS
B.Sc. Degree (average grading: 7,65; Diploma examination: 10)
1998 Windows NT Administration I  Informatika a.d.  Belgrade, RS
1998 Windows NT Administration II  Informatika a.d.  Belgrade, RS
Technical and Scientific: computers, telecommunications, water plants and distribution systems, measuring technique
Computers: administrator skills: DOS and Windows operating systems; programmer skill: MSAccess, VBA; user skill: MSOffice
Others: guitar, reading

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